Determine The Amount of Office and Warehouse Space You Need

Allow for future growth.

Having to move again or get space close by results in inefficiency and higher costs in the long run.

Lease/buy 10-30% more space than you need and rent it out until you need it.

Think long term. Plan for success.

Make sure the building you go into has enough parking. Occasionally office space will be built without permits and the result can be a shortage of parking. This will set you up for issues with the city in trying to get an occupational license as well as trouble with neighbors. Typically, you need 1 parking space for every 200 square feet of office space and 1 parking space for every 800 square feet of warehouse area. Confirm this with your building codes and architect.

Each city such as Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Margate, and Ft. Lauderdale has a building code which they use to ensure compliance.

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